Zombie Flick – Android Game Review

Zombie Flick – Android Game Review


Full Fat Productions is the master of all things flick and as we mentioned a few days back Zombie flick is their newest game and it’s a bit different. You won’t spend time flicking footballs or golf balls this time around; instead you’ll go to work lopping off zombie heads with anything you can get your hands on.

Zombie Flick takes place in the 70s after a zombie virus spreads through middle America, and you are the lone survivor. Your job is to take out as many zombies as possible before they eat you alive, and you’ll do so by “flicking” anything and everything towards the oncoming Zombie hordes. Just like in the movies you can slow them down by hitting them, but if you want to drop them quick you’ve gotta’ go for the head. Zombie Flick also drops you in the center of a few police barricades which means you’ll have action coming at you from all sides. You can turn by tapping the sides of the screen and look behind you by touching the bottom. You only have a set number of lives so you’ll also want to pay attention to the barricades which can be repaired by tapping.

Zombie Flick has a few different modes of play with The Last Stand and Survival Modes; Last Stand you’ll get from the jump, but Survival mode becomes available when you get 1,000,000 points in a game. The last stand basically lets you see how long you can go last and pits you against zombies and a pretty damned mean boss while Survival mode really puts you to the test. In Survival mode you are awaiting an extracting team and you only have to last two minutes which is harder than it sounds. There are 4 modes of difficulty in Survival mode, and I managed to make it a whopping 36 seconds in Extreme mode which is the toughest of the four. There are 3 different weapons packs in Zombie Flick as well with Classic, Alternative, and Halloween. You get the Classic pack for free, but the other two packs will cost you $0.99 cents a crack.


I’ve said many times that I’m a fan of the Full Fat team, and I’ve enjoyed every game they’ve put out so far. Zombie Flick is a whole different kind of game for them, and personally I think it’s great. I really love the 70s Grindhouse feel they used, especially the zombie posters they use during loading screens. The gameplay is tight as well; I experienced no lag on my old Galaxy S or my quad-core tab even when flinging objects in rapid fire succession.

That being said, the game does feel a little short and I could see some people finding the game repetitive after some time. There are leaderboards and achievements (not active yet) though which tend to extend things a bit. There isn’t a free version of Zombie Flick available, but you can get the full version for only $0.99. If you’re in the mood to decapitate hundreds of zombies you can pick up Full Fat Productions Zombie Flick on Google Play.

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