Unleash your Inner Pyro with Burn it All for Android

Unleash your Inner Pyro with Burn it All for Android



Burn it All is a new burning game from BulkyPix.AMA that sets the world on fire. Actually it lets you set 5 worlds on fire as you light the ropes and try to make it back to the sun.

Burn it All puts you in control of little fireballs who’ve come from the molten depths of the earth and are trying to make it back home to their father… the sun. It’s a burn the rope style game that has you burning up ropes and you won’t even have to tilt your phone. You simply need to drag a lil’ fireball to a rope to set it ablaze, and your goal is to burn them all up as quickly as possible so you can get try for the top score. Your journey is made much more difficult with things like water and gas which don’t always place nice with fire. Each of your three little flames also has its own unique abilities that let you burn through things, loop time, and occasionally blow things up. Burn it All offers up 5 fiery worlds with 25 levels each for a total of 125 levels in all. You’ll also get plenty of stats to track and achievements to unlock if that’s your thing.


Burn it All is a cool little game, and the only similarities it has with burn the rope are the ropes. It has plenty of depth with its 100+ levels and the graphics have a cool cartoony style that works well with the game. If you liked puzzle games you’ll definitely dig Burn it All and can pick it up for $0.99 cents on Google Play.

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