Asantee releases Magic Portals for Android

Asantee releases Magic Portals for Android


Everyone enjoys a good platform game, but how about a platformer filled full of portals? That’s the premise behind Magic Portals from Asantee as magical portals will be you’re your main means of travel throughout the game.

Magic Portals is like a lot of other platform games where you’re goal is to try and make it to the levels exit. You can walk around, but cannot jump so your portals will help you get to some hard to reach places. Placing a portal is as easy as touching the screen and there is no limit to how many you can use although you’ll get a higher score for using less of them. Your Magic Portals can also be used to transport objects or remove yourself from a dangerous situation, but you will need to plan ahead as you need a clear line of sight to put up a portal. There are diamonds to collect, bosses to battle, and over 60 levels to play through set across 3 different chapters.


Magic Portals is a very cool new platformer in the vein of Portal, and to be honest who doesn’t like Portal? The game is challenging enough to keep you entertained for awhile and has plenty of levels to play through as well. I really enjoy the 16-bit style of the game; everything looks great and I can’t wait to get into the other chapters and see what lies ahead. Magic Portals has a free and paid version available to try; I’m not sure of the difference in the level count between the two, but the full version is well worth $0.99. You can check out either version of Asantee’s Magic Portals on Google Play.

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