The Spiders are back in Blyts’s Greedy Spiders 2 for Android

The Spiders are back in Blyts’s Greedy Spiders 2 for Android


Last year we covered a great little Android game called Greedy Spiders, and needless to say the game really took off. If you enjoyed the original game you are in for a treat as Blyts has just released sequel called Greedy Spiders 2.

Those spiders you knew and loathed are back, and they’re just as hungry as ever. You’ll have to keep your lil’ bugs alive and if you played the original you already know it can be a fun, but difficult job as those spiders are very, very sneaky. To make matters worse the bugs have been betrayed by one of their own as a bug by the name of Toby has decided to work with the Spiders against his own kind. Greedy Spiders 2 gives you the same fun gameplay, but adds in some great new features as well like more bugs, smarter spiders, and a whopping 144 brand new levels.


The original Greedy Spiders was one of my favorite games to come out last year, and I wasn’t alone as millions of people loved the game just as much as me. I have no doubt that Greedy Spiders 2 will be just as good if not better than the original so you’re going to have a great time whether you’re an old fan or new to the game. If you enjoy puzzlers I highly recommend checking this one out; there’s a free version you can try while the full version will only set you back a buck. You can get both versions of Blyts’s Greedy Spiders 2 on Google Play.

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