Raise & Collect Monsters in TeamLava’s Monster Story for Android

Raise & Collect Monsters in TeamLava’s Monster Story for Android


We’ve seen a lot of trends with Android games over the past year from physics-based flingers to building games and today’s current “hot” trend of Card Battling Games. I’ve noticed another trend popping up over the past few weeks as well, and that gaming trend is Monsters. Monster Story is one of the newer Monster games out as TeamLava has officially thrown their hat into the Monster game genre.

Monster Story puts you to work as a Monster trainer on an Island where you’ll have to work hard to raise the coolest Monsters around. You’ll take on quests from Captain Reynolds and Professor Hawa so you can learn their secrets and find rare Monsters like the elusive Diamond Pegasus. As you progress through the game you’ll collect powerful monsters, train them, and watch them evolve as they develop unique personalities. You’ll also be able to decorate your island with plenty of plants, totems, and habitats… just because they’re Monsters doesn’t mean they don’t want a nice looking island. If you’re into collecting unique and rare Monsters, they’ve got you covered as you’ll be able to crossbreed hybrid Monsters that could turn out to be quite rare.


I’ve played several of TeamLava’s games in the past, and while I haven’t had a chance to play Monster Story it looks like good fun if you’re into the whole catch em’ and collect em’ type of gameplay. The graphics look good, and the game seems to have a large social presence with the only downside being that it’s an “online only” game which means you’ll have use your precious data or WiFi to play this one. If you’re ready breed and catch some Monsters you can pick up Monster Story for free on Google Play.

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