Prepare for War with Z Origins for Android

Prepare for War with Z Origins for Android


If you’re a fan of real time strategy games with an old-school flair there’s a new Android game you’re going to want to check out called Z Origins. This one’s been out for awhile on the PC and has quite the following… by the looks of things it looks like it’s going to have a lot of Android fans as well.

Z Origins throws you onto the battlefield full of robotic soldiers, and puts you to work as you race to capture your enemies’ resources and territories before they can snag yours. You’ll have six different types of robots to control, and each of them can perform up to 40 different actions. You get to go to war in around 20 different levels set across 5 planets each with its own unique conditions ranging from Lava worlds to worlds covered in Ice. Did we mention that your robotic troops have their own personalities? This means they might not like a situation you’re sending them into and may choose to retreat instead of advance which puts a fun little twist on things. The game is also chocked full of comical animated sequences and voice overs that add a nice layer of depth to the game and helps to set Z Origins apart from the rest of the pack.


Z Origins is one of those games I’ve heard about from friends over the years, but I never got a chance to play for myself. Well, it looks like I’m finally going to give it a go now that it’s on Android and to be honest it sounds pretty bad ass. Robots, Tanks, Missiles, Explosions, and Robot producing Factories… count me in. If the game’s half as good as it sounds it’s going to be a popular one, and you can check it out for yourself for only $2.99 on Google Play.

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