Quick Review – Cardboard Castle for Android

Quick Review – Cardboard Castle for Android


Bulkypix has been on a tear lately releasing 5 great Android games over the past few months and they’ve put out three this month alone with Cardboard Castle, Babel Rising, and Hills of Glory: WWII. While all their new games are cool, we’re going to take a look at Cardboard Castle, and if you hadn’t guessed it has a nice quirky cardboard theme.

Cardboard Castle is basically an adventure game that’s full of puzzles and interactive objects. You start each level on horseback with the goal of making it to door at the end, but you’ll have plenty of obstacles in your way in the form of axe men, pits, trees, and even a fat man who likes to eat paper. Every obstacle has a solution hidden in the level, and you’ll have to find which objects interact with each other and use them to clear your path. Nothing’s been too difficult so far, but if you get stuck you can purchase clues to help you along. As far as the levels are concerned, you’re given a training level and three worlds with five levels each. There is also a Race against the Clock mode that lets you see how quickly you can clear the path as you go against the clock. There are a few trophies to unlock, but that’s about it in the form of extras.

Cardboard Castle is an odd little game, but it’s also a game that grew on me quickly. As the market description is pretty vague the graphics are what initially drew me to the game before the puzzles sucked me in. It’s not the deepest game I’ve ever seen, but overall the game is quite a bit of fun and the whole cardboard world theme looks awesome. Cardboard Castle is a simple, but good time-waster and a game that anyone in the family can enjoy. You can pick up Cardboard Castle in the market for $1.99.

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