Quick Review – KamiCrazy from Paw Print Games

Quick Review – KamiCrazy from Paw Print Games


Some of you may remember a game we covered a little while back called Kami Retro, and if you do you’ll be happy to know our blocky little buddy is back. Paw Print Games has put out a Android Game called KamiCrazy, and while the new game resembles the old; some things are very different this time around.

KamiCrazy is basically a jumping game where you’ll have to make your way across the levels from the entrance to the exit. Once your character has been turned loose you’ll have to control him through gestures; you’ll “nudge” your Kami up to jump, swipe sideways to turn, and tap/drag to move objects. Jumping is always involved and you’ll usually make it to the end with a series of well-timed jumped. You earn coins for every level completed and use those coins to unlock the next levels. You don’t have to save all your Kami’s to advance; you just need to have enough coins and you can buy some if you don’t feel like earning them. Initially, there will be a few levels you’ll want to skip as this is a fast-paced game and some of the levels can be very tough for beginners. As for the levels, there are 40 in all and as you’d expect the get tougher as the game progresses.

I really loved Kami Retro, and while I do like KamiCrazy it’s just not the same for me. The gameplay is basically the same which is great as that’s half the battle, but graphically Kami Crazy fell a little short for me. The graphics aren’t bad and are definitely retro, but this game just doesn’t have the level of polish that Kami Retro had. It doesn’t kill the game by any means, just takes a little away from the overall experience for me personally. Either way, KamiCrazy is a tough little platformer that’s worth a look and you can find it in the Android market for free.

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