Herocraft’s Scrubs Game out now in the Android Market

Herocraft’s Scrubs Game out now in the Android Market


We brought readers the news that Herocraft was dropping a new Android game based on the popular show Scrubs a few days ago, and now it’s officially been released into the wild.

The game takes place at Sacred Heart and you’ll go inside, outside and through every nook and cranny as you help JD, Turk and the gang play detective and try to clean up the hospital. Scrubs the game is basically a hidden object game and uses locations you’ll recognize from the series, but there are also mini-games and a storyline to follow. It’s actually a very deep game as I’ve been playing for several days on & off and still have a ways to go to finish it out. The mini-games are a nice touch as well, and really mix it up when you switch to those. They also did a great job of mixing it up with the Hidden Object aspect of the game; sometimes you’ll look for the object, but other times you’ll only have the objects “shape” to go by which makes if much more difficult.

As a fan of the show, I’ve been looking forward to this one and after playing it for the better part of a week I wasn’t disappointed. The game does a good job of capturing the “vibe” of the show, and most if not all the characters you loved will pop up at some time during the game. Again, I was totally surprised at how deep the game goes and the fact that I’m still playing it a week later. That’s a pretty big deal being as I traditionally don’t play Hidden Object games, but this one has me hooked. Herocraft’s Scrubs is on sale for .99 cents until Monday, after that it’ll cost you $1.99. Fans of the show will definitely want to pick it up, and I’ll have a full review for our readers as soon as I can finish out the game.

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