Keep the Kids busy with Lego Duplo Zoo for Android

Keep the Kids busy with Lego Duplo Zoo for Android


The Lego Group has dropped quite a few different Lego games, and it’s basically been hit or miss. Well, that’s not the case with their newest title called Lego Duplo Zoo as it’s a great way to keep the little ones occupied on during these hot summer days.

Lego Duplo Zoo takes you on a journey as you join Rabbit and Giraffe on their adventures by land, air, and river on your way to Lion’s birthday bash. You’ll have to build roads and bridges while traveling in cards and planes to make it to the party in time. You’ll also get to do some cool things like go on a Safari, camp out under the starry night, and you’ll even get to watch mini-movies in the Zoo Cinema. The Lego Duplo Zoo is a kid-friendly asp which means no in-app purchases, external links or third party ads which is a nice touch as nobody wants to turn their kids lose with any app where they’ll have to worry about accidental purchases.


The Lego Duplo Zoo looks to be a great app for the little ones, and would definitely come in handy right now if you’re a parent looking for something “kid friendly” to entertain your children. I’m not sure how difficulty the game is, but the age range is 1 ½ to 5 years so it’s pretty safe to say that most small children should be able to use this one with ease. If you’d like to give it a try, you can pick up The Lego Group’s Lego Duplo Zoo for free on Google Play.

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