Mediocre unleashes Granny Smith for Android

Mediocre unleashes Granny Smith for Android


Last year the team at Mediocre made putting out fires fun with Sprinkle, and yesterday they introduced us to their new Android game Granny Smith.Their new game doesn’t involve water, but it does involve an spry old granny with a deep love of apples…

Granny Smith is a game about an apple loving granny that’s on the move trying to stop a young Apple thief from stealing her delicious Granny Smith apples. Grannies are usually old and slow, but Granny Smith is quite spry as she gets a little help from a pair of Roller Skates and her trusty Cane. You basically start out each level racing against the thief to get to the apples, and you’ll get to skate, jump, glide, and swing your way through 36 awesome levels. Granny’s also a little destructive so you’re going to smash through a lot of things and if you get tired of playing with Granny there are two more quirky characters to play with in Scruffy & Stanley.

Granny Smith wasn’t quite what I expected as a follow up to Sprinkle, but it’s actually quite a bit of fun and looks great on my tablet and phone. The 2-button control setup is easy (and fun) to use, and there are more than enough levels to keep you busy for awhile with another world listed as coming soon. I also enjoyed the “vintage” replays where you get to re-watch your race in an old-school vintage style movie clip. There isn’t a free version of Granny Smith to check out at the moment, but the full version is well worth the $0.99 price tag. You can check out Mediocre’s Granny Smith on Google Play.

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