Eat to Fart & Fart to Live in Farts vs Zombies for Android

Eat to Fart & Fart to Live in Farts vs Zombies for Android


Everyone knows how fun Plants vs Zombies is, and the developers at Tama Games have decided to poke a little fun at things with Farts vs Zombies for Android. This new Android game has more farts than you can shake a stick at, and even has its own anti-hero Colonel John Farter who’s armed with the only weapon he could find… his ass.

Farts vs Zombies is the story of one Colonel John Farter who spent 7 years in a POW camp. Once he was freed he was ready for some hot chow and his warm welcome home in the states. He did get a welcome home, but it wasn’t necessarily a warm one as he quickly learned his town had been overrun by Zombies. Your job is to take control of John Farter and use his ass (literally) to mow down the oncoming Zombie hordes headed your way. In Farts vs Zombies you’ll stand in front of a conveyor belt and chow down; every plate you eat equates to a fart, and you’ll direct those farts towards your enemies. All zombies are not created equal, and lucky for John neither are his farts as some farts will have deadly effects on zombies while others won’t affect them at all. Just like in real life, it really depends on what you eat. Zombie killing can be a lonely job, but our anti-hero will get a little help from his lifelong pal Banana Max who just happens to have an ass just as deadly as Colonel John’s.

Farts vs Zombies is a funny little game that’s sure to please all you farting fans out there. It’s got a rude & crude sense of humor, and the gameplay is pretty intense as well as I found myself quickly being overwhelmed by Zombies in the 3rd stage. Personally, I’m not quite sure what to make of it yet but it’s definitely worth a look if you have a sense of humor and are looking for something a little bit different. If you’re ready to break wind for a few hours you can head on over to Google Play and check out the demo of Farts vs Zombies for free or grab the full version for $1.99.

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