A Review of Babel Rising 3D for Android

A Review of Babel Rising 3D for Android


Babel Rising 3D is one of the best Android games I’ve played this year, and it’s also one I’ve been meaning to review for awhile. We love games that let you “smite” people and you’ll get to do a lot of that in Babel Rising 3D as you play a God that loves doling out punishment on the evildoers…

Your one and only goal in Babel Rising is to stop the Babylonians from building the infamous Tower of Babylon and you’ll do this by unleashing the elements on the little Babylonians. Your godly powers are displayed in the form of fire, earth, water and wind; all four elements are represented and are pretty damned destructive (and fun) when used correctly. You smite people through several different fun ways; from tapping to swiping the gestures are all easy to use and make using your powers a lot of fun. As you progress in the game you’re given coins which can be used in the Babel shop to upgrade your powers. Each element has it’s own set of powers which range from flying boulders and walls of flame to ice storms and lightning bolts.

There are also passive powers in the form of scrolls and these powers will help your mana regenerate faster (used for attacks), let you earn coins faster, and help you to chain together longer combos. There are actually several other types of scrolls that can help you out in the game, but to be honest I’ve barely used them as I’m more of a destructive god that concentrates on increasing his powers over using helpful scrolls. If you get stuck or don’t want to play through you can also unlock missions in the Babel Store and buy coins via the in-app setup.

As mentioned, your goal is to stop the tower from going up and when you miss a few Babylonians a new section of tower goes up. Your main goal is to stop it, but the levels all have specific goals like killing a certain amount of Babylonians or holding out for a set amount of time. Babel Rising 3D is broken down into 3 chapters with The Rise of Babylon, Nabu’s Ambition, and Nabu strikes back. There are 5 levels in the first two chapters, and one in the last for a total of 11 levels in Campaign mode. There’s also a Survival mode with quite a few missions, and those missions will cost you coins as well.


Babel Rising 3D has slick visuals, top-notch gameplay, and most importantly it’s a lot of fun. I dare say it’s the most fun you’ll ever have smiting people unless there’s a followup to the game. The controls are simple to use and really made the game for me as it’s fun (and challenging) to switch between powers and the gestures that set them off. I haven’t actually beaten this one yet as I got sidetracked, but picked it up again yesterday and have only put it down to write this small review. In a nutshell, Babel Rising 3D is an Excellent game and one you should definitely check out. There’s a 2D version of the game if you’re not able to run this one, I haven’t played it but I’m sure it’s good. The 3D version of Babel Rising is where it’s at though, and you can get it for the low price of $4.99.

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