HourBlast Games & 6waves unleash Dueling Blades for Android

HourBlast Games & 6waves unleash Dueling Blades for Android


Dueling Blades is a cool new Android game that lets you destroy opponents online with a combination of slick weaponry and strategery. It’s put out by HourBlast Games and 6waves, the latter brought us Strikefleet Omega so it’s a pretty safe to say they know how to make a killer strategy game.

Dueling Blades is an energy-based strategy game that lets you take on quests and fight against others online. The actual “duals” are pretty interesting as you’ll have to try and anticipate your opponents move before planning your own. If you both end up attacking at the same time you’ll enter clash mode which sends you to a timing-based mini game that decides the outcome of the clash. Every time you take someone out you’ll get a chance to earn drops and skill points which can be used to upgrade your character and unlock new classes.

Game summaries on Google Play can be hit or miss, but when I see the worlds Ninja, Knight, Pirates, and Undead… well, it gets my attention rather quickly as all those things are pretty damned awesome. While I’m still working my way through the tutorial and learning the ropes I’m definitely digging what I’m seeing so far. We’ll have more on the game later this weekend, but I’ll go ahead and tell you now that the game is definitely worth a look. You can pick up 6waves & Hourblast Games Dueling Blades for free on Google Play.

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