Gipenetix Games realeases Tap Play for Android

Gipenetix Games realeases Tap Play for Android


Some puzzle games require you to twist blocks or fiddle with shapes while others simply require you to tap. Tap Play is a new Android game from Gipenetix Games that takes tapping to heart as you only need to play the play button to advance to the next stage.

Tap Play is one of those games that’s similar to 100 Doors or 100 Rooms where you need to find the “door” to get to the next stage. The big difference being there are no doors in Tap Play, only “Play Button” and they’re going to be hidden is some funky places. Your score for each stage is based on how many taps it takes you to figure things out, and I liked the fact you can see your stars go down as you tap along with the tap counter. It brings a sense of urgency to things as you can go from 3-stars to zero fairly quickly if you’re tapping around like a madman searching for clues. Tap Play offers up 60 levels set across 4 different zones (15 stages each) with more listed as coming soon.

I’ve played a ton of these type of games and I have to admit Tap Play for Android is one of the better ones, and I really enjoyed the graphical style of the game compared to others. It’s definitely not a “cookie cutter” game, and it’s pretty tough depending on how your brain works… and your patience. If you’re looking for a new puzzler to play you should definitely give Tap Play a look and you can pick it up for free on Google Play.

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