HeavenHell – The Android Game Review

HeavenHell – The Android Game Review


HeavenHell is a brand new Android game from Nelphy Games makers of the popular Halloween Themed game Sliceween. If you couldn’t tell by the title, this game involves Heaven & Hell as well as plenty of cute little Angels and Devils.

Your goal in the game is to use the Angels to get the Devils into the fires below. The Angels and Devils start out as blocks, but when you touch them they’ll turn into circles and there’s where the fun starts. In most levels your Angels will be up high and you’ll touch them to turn them into circles and send them rolling towards the Devils. The tricky part comes in the form of fire; if you roll your Angels into the fire its game over, so you’ll need to transform them back into blocks to stop or slow their progress. HeavenHell starts off fairly easy, but it wasn’t long before I was using the level skip feature to get past a tricky level. Oh yeah, anytime you see a Devil eating a banana (who knew?) it’s bad news as these little guys won’t change into circles and just stay square.

HeavenHell has plenty of levels and world to play through with 80 levels spanning 4 different worlds. You can collect up to 3 jewels per level and you’ll use those jewels to unlock the next worlds; it takes 45 jewels to from the previous world to unlock the next one. I’ve only played through the first world and half of the second so I can’t tell you if the levels graphics change, but I can say that each world has a new element. The 2nd world adds blocks that fall when you touch them, and the 3rd shows a tornado so I’ll assume that’s what you’ll see there. Overall, there are plenty of levels to keep you busy for awhile with more coming soon.

At its core HeavenHell is a simple game as you just want to make the Angels happy by pushing the Devils into the fire, but the gameplay mechanics and graphics make the game shine. The whole transforming circle/square aspect of the game is great and even though it’s been an easy game (so far) it’s still a lot of fun use. Graphically the game’s solid as well; the Angels and Devils have a cool style and the levels/backgrounds are very well done. You will get some ads, but they show up and vanish quickly not infringing on the actually gameplay. They can be removed for a number of days by sharing the app via twitter or facebook; if you don’t like to share you can pay a small fee and have them removed as well. HeavenHell is a fun little time-killer and you can check it out for free in the Android market.

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