Get Festive with Let’s Create Christmas! for Android

Get Festive with Let’s Create Christmas! for Android


Over the holiday weekend, sometime in-between eating and opening presents I noticed that one of my favorite Android game Let’s Create Pottery! got a nice new version. The new rendition is called Let’s Create Christmas! and the folks at Infinite Dreams are going to have us making Christmas ornaments instead of pottery this time around.

Before you get as excited as I did, Let’s Create Christmas! is quite different from the pottery game; there are no email missions and there’s no store for new patterns. You’re basically given a choice of 3 different ornament shapes to decorate, and a lot of brushes/patterns to use on them. You can also paint the ornament just like in the pottery game or change up the backgrounds to add a little flair to your holiday creation.

Once you’re done decorating your ornament, a snapshot is taken and you’re given the opportunity to make your own Christmas card featuring your new ornament. There are three different backgrounds to choose from and you can add personalized text to each card. All cards and ornaments can be saved in your gallery for later use. If you want to go all out you can purchase two additional packs via the in-app purchasing system which gives you more brushes, shapes, and materials.

Let’s Create Christmas! is a nice little Christmas app that’s fun to fool around with, but it doesn’t quite have the staying power of Let’s Create Pottery! It’s still a great app, but if Infinite Dreams had given folks the ability to actually “create” their own ornament just like with the pottery it would’ve been very cool. Christmas may be over, but you can still have some fun holiday fun with this creative little app. You can pick up Let’s Create Christmas! in the Android market for free.

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