Full Fat Productions releases Flick Golf Extreme for Android

Full Fat Productions releases Flick Golf Extreme for Android


Full Fat Productions put out another of their popular flick games a few days ago in the form of Flick Golf Extreme. Yup, we get to play a new version of the game that started it all, and being as Flick Golf is widely regarded as Full Fat’s best game the bar is set pretty high for Flick Golf Extreme.

If you never played the first one, the premise behind Flick Golf Extreme is simple. You “flick” the golf ball down the course and try and spin it into the hole. Even if you crack the ball badly off the tee, you can still adjust it with spin which is one feature I wish you could do in real golf. The game sounds easy, but it’s not as you have to take the wind and other factors into account before every swing. Flick Golf Extreme has a lot to offer gamers as well with it’s 3 different modes of play in Quickshot, World Tour, and 5 Ball Challenge. Quick Shot and World Tour give you 6 courses to play through while 5-ball gives you those same courses, but only 5 balls to try and be the best.

You may be wondering why they named the game Extreme and not just part 2. Well, maybe it’s due to the fact you get to hit golf balls from a moving helicopter and onto an aircraft carrier for starters. While I haven’t gotten a chance to give the game a proper run through, so far it’s been a blast and I was sold on the game as soon as I took my first shot from the chopper. The courses and the way the game is setup gives the game quite a bit of depth as well. I’m not sure if it’s better than the first version, but as a fan of their flick games you can expect a full review in the near future. Until then, you can head on over to the market and grab Flick Golf Extreme for $1.99.

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