Frisbee Forever now available for Android

Frisbee Forever now available for Android


A very cool Android game crept into the market on Thursday called Frisbee® Forever by Kiloo Games. If you hadn’t guessed, the game involves Frisbees which might not sound like that much fun on its own. The twist comes in the form of tracks as you’ll fly your Frisbee through 100 awesome tracks that take you from the Ocean to the Mountains, and everywhere in between.

Frisbee Forever is a fast paced game where you’ll need to steer your Frisbee through rings while collecting stars on your way to each levels goal. Controlling your Frisbee is done one of two ways; through tapping or tilting, and while it sounds simple it can be a little tricky at first. The stars you collect are used to unlock the next world and can also be used in Frisbee Forever’s store. The store is pretty cool as they have over 100 Frisbee’s that can be unlocked with you star coins; some of them are pretty expensive and if you need extra coins you can get them via an in-app purchase.

I think that almost everyone has thrown a Frisbee in their lifetimes, and it’s cool to see a little Frisbee action on Android. Frisbee Forever is actually much deeper than I first though with its 100 levels, bonus levels and a slew of Frisbees. I haven’t gotten to spend as much time as I would like with the game, but plan on doing a full review of it in the very near future. You can grab Frisbee Forever in the Android market for free.

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