FireCraft – Android Game Review

FireCraft – Android Game Review


Fireworks have been around for centuries, and are always a joy to watch. Thanks to an Android game called FireCraft from Games2Be you now get to safely play with fireworks from the comfort of your phone or tablet.

FireCraft lets you put on your own fireworks show by designing your own rockets, and setting them to music. The show itself is good, but the real fun comes into making your own fireworks. When you first fire up the game you’re taken to a workshop where you get to build your own rockets. You get a tube and can fill it with a certain amount of “bullets” each of which has its own specific behavior. The bullets are broken down into several different types, but the main thing you’ll want to remember is to drop a thrust bullet into the tube first. A firework isn’t very pretty if it blows up on the ground after all. Once you’ve put together a rocket you get to test it and can either scrap it or add it to your show.

When you get enough rockets together FireCraft lets you put on a fireworks show in several different settings complete with music and plenty of explosions. The shows aren’t just for looks though as you’ll earn cash depending on how well people like your show. You can use your hard earned bread to buy more bullets, rockets, and locations which adds an unexpected layer of depth to FireCraft. You get around 60 different bullets in 10 different colors and there’s quite a variety of effects. There are also 24 different locations that span the globe and a few different sizes of rockets as well. A lot of the extra’s can be bought with cash, but some will require diamonds which can be hard to acquire.


FireCraft is a great fireworks sim that I think many people would enjoy. It’s great for casual play as there really aren’t any goals to speak of, but it can also hold your interest with its depth due the all the types of fireworks you can make. I do wish there were a bit more to choose from musically, but it’s still a top-notch fireworks sim. If you enjoy the beauty of fireworks or just the explosions you’ll definitely dig FireCraft. You can check out Games2be’s FireCraft for free on Google Play.

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