Gameloft bringing The Dark Knight Rises Mobile Game to Android Soon

Gameloft bringing The Dark Knight Rises Mobile Game to Android Soon


A day late and a dollar short as usual, but this news is so cool that I just had to cover it anyway. As reported by half the world yesterday, Gameloft is giving us a Dark Knight Rises Android game within the next few months.

I’ll start by saying that The Dark Knight Rises WILL NOT be a top-down city building game or an old-school platformer which is a huge relief to be honest. So what is The Dark Knight Rises game exactly? How about a brawler set in the mean streets of Gotham City set in an open world environment similar to GTA or Red Dead Revolver. Yup, I said “Open World” and my fanboy heart almost exploded when I first heard that news yesterday. Another thing of interest is the fact that there’s been talk about “in-app” purchasing in the game which leads me to believe it may be a free title with paid content. Not sure how I feel about that one as I am starting to miss the good old days when you could just buy a game outright and get free upgrades with the updates.


In-App purchases aside, The Dark Knight Rises is going to be an awesome film and I fully expect the Android game to be good as well. Gameloft has done a good job so far with “most” of their movie tie-in games, but have two big ones to tackle with The Dark Knight Rises and the new Spider-Man game also due out this summer.

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