Droidhen releases Speed Hiker for Android

Droidhen releases Speed Hiker for Android


Hiking is a great way to get out and see nature, and it’s generally not something you do in a hurry. Speed Hiker from Droidhen is a bit different however as you’re not out on a nature trek, instead you’re using gravity to race on a mountain so you can be the fastest hiker around.

Speed Hiker is an Endless running game that lets you use gravity to help you along. You basically run through the hills and when you touch the screen gravity increases. You have to time your touches with the hills to pick up speed; it’s really nothing new, but it is a lot of fun. There are a few other tricks in Speed Hiker as well; 3 good slides gets you into fever mode which lets you double up on coins, and if you hit an “accelerated” area you’ll fly faster and higher. If you really want to take off, just hit the boost button and you’ll soar like a bird… for a limited time. The training part however is something new to me as Speed Hiker allows you to boost certain skills like Acceleration, Climbing, Max Speed, and Boost with coins earned during gameplay. There are also six unlockable characters you can play with which range from Indians to Ninjas.


Speed Hiker is a nice little quick play that has a bit of depth with its unlcockable characters and the ability to upgrade your guys. I’m not sure how many different backdrops there are, but I’ve played through two so far so I’m assuming you’ll get more as you advance. If you enjoy runners or quick play games you’ll definitely dig this one. You can check out Droidhen’s Speed Hiker for free on Google Play.

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