Celebrate Garfield’s Birthday with Garfield’s Diner for Android

Celebrate Garfield’s Birthday with Garfield’s Diner for Android


A few weeks ago Web Prancer brought us an unexpected (and good) game with Garfield Defense. Now they’re back with another game to help celebrate Garfield’s 34th Birthday today and that game is called Garfield’s Diner.

The game takes place over the summer when Irma goes off to Hawaii and leaves Jon in charge of her Diner. If you know Garfield, you known that he’s really the one in charge and you’ll have to help him and his friends keep the diner going while keeping the customers happy. You’re given tasks to complete on each stage, there are upgradable diner items to unlock, and you can hire more staff to increase your diners output. There are also Garfield cards to collect, and you’ll even receive visits from special guests as the game progresses.


I haven’t been able to play this one much yet, but it looks to be a diner dash style game set in the world of Garfield. I really liked Garfield Defense so I definitely plan on giving this one a closer look over the course of the week. I also think it’s cool that they’ve put this out in celebration of the finicky cat’s birthday; he’s been around for awhile and deserves a little recognition. If you want to give it a go, you can pick up Web Prancer’s Garfield’s Diner for free on Google Play.

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