Colosseum Heroes – Android Game Review

Colosseum Heroes – Android Game Review


Like Hack n’ Slash games? If so, you may remember a cool little game called Colosseum from Gamevil that came out several months back. Well, Gamevil just released the follow-up to that game with Colosseum Heroes, and while it’s very similar to the first there are a few things that make Colosseum Heroes different from the previous rendition.

Starting out you get to choose a Warrior or Vampire, browse the store then it’s off to battle. You basically walk across each level and battle the evildoers with a variety of weapons. On-screen you get left, right, and weapons buttons across the bottom of the screen and have your life gauge, equipment menu and stats at the top. Attacking is done through pressing the button that corresponds to your weapon; some weapons are straight up hack n’ slashers while others require recharging like the crossbow or pistol. Every time you kill a monster you’ll get money, xp, or power-ups along with a nice of splat of blood for good measure. After you’ve killed enough monsters you’ll get a key which lets you open the gate and clear the level. In-between levels you get to browse the Colosseum Heroes store, and then it’s off to the next level and a tougher set of monsters. The game also features a Challenge mode that drops you into an arena to duke it out for a set amount of time while you gather jewels from your kills.

No good Hack n’ Slash game is complete without an awesome arsenal and Colosseum Heroes has some good weapons to choose from. The “regular” store offers up several upgradable weapons for each character with the Damascus, Sword, Axe, Whip, Mace, Katana, Musket, Dragon Slayer, and Crossbow. Next up we have magic for the Vampires which lets you summon bats, absorb blood, absorb blood, and call up meteors. On the warrior side of things you have special weapons in the form of bombs, daggers, hand axes, and spears. You can also buy a shield or costume for either character to help your defense or replenish your health with a handy potion. The premium shop uses “CP” instead of gold and sells stronger weapons, better armor and several power-ups as well as more gold and more CP. The items available depend on which character you choose which adds replay value to the game as you can go back and play with totally different weapons if you beat the game with one character.

Colosseum Heroes is side-scrolling hack n’ slash action at its finest, and it’s been a blast to play thus far. The graphics look great and the gameplay is solid as well. You can’t really button-mash your way through things either as different opponents require different strategies so you have to time your slashes and take into account recharge times. Colosseum Heroes is a fun game that’s well worth checking out and personally I liked this one more than the first even though there aren’t as many characters right now. You can get Colosseum Heroes in the Android market for free.

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