Catch em’ All with Monster Galaxy from Gaia Interactive

Catch em’ All with Monster Galaxy from Gaia Interactive


A lot of us dreamed of catching Monsters when we we’re little. Who wouldn’t want to tame a Dragon or catch a massive monster? Well thanks to Monster Galaxy from Gaia Interactive that dream can be a reality as you try and catch every monster you can using only your Android device.

Monster Galaxy features a cool monster battling system that lets you attack, and use spells & items while trying to catch over 125 quirky monsters. Just like in another monster catching game you’ll start out with 1 monster and fight to collect more Gogas, and those fights will cost you energy which replenishes over time. Fighting is done through a gauge system where you’ll need to tap the screen when you’re power gauge reaches its max; it’s very simple and anyone should be able to master the setup with east. Monster Galaxy offers up 14 Zodiac themed worlds to play through, and there’s a storyline to boot. As with most games these days, you’ll be confronted with quite a few in-app purchases and while I’m not sure if you “have” to have them do advance, they’ll sure make life easier. There does seem to be a lot of them, but hopefully they even out as the game by itself is pretty fun.


Any game that requires you to “catch” monsters is going to draw comparisons to Pokemon, and there are plenty in Monster Galaxy. That being said, the game does have its own sense of style, and it’s a game I think kids and adults can enjoy. As there are a lot of in-app purchases, you may want to be cautious with the little ones playing this one unless you don’t mind them dropping 50 bucks on coffee and moga cash. If you’d like to give it a go you can pick up Gaia Interactive’s Monster Galaxy for free on Google Play.

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