Casual Fun with Riot Rings for Android

Casual Fun with Riot Rings for Android


Riot Rings is a colorful new matching game from Cervo Media that has you matching and “poping” animals instead of bubbles. Sure, there are a lot of match-3 type games out there, but Riot Rings has a couple of features that make it stand out from the rest.

When you fire up the game, you’ll have one animal in the center of the ring of wild animals. You can fire the center animal towards animals of the same kind in the outer ring by touching anywhere in the ring, and the more time that passes the smaller the ring gets. It’s basically a Match-3 game with some wild twists, and colorful graphics. Riot Rings has three modes of play with Campaign, Zen, and Free Play along with 100 stages. The stage setup is pretty interesting as you can play the first 37 stages for free, then you get one stage per day from there on out. If you’d like to jump ahead and finish out the game with no wait you can purchase the rest of the levels via an in-app purchase.

Riot Rings is a nice Match-3 game that’s simple to play, but can be tricky due to the time constraints per level. The three different modes of play give the game some depth, and I really liked Cervo Media’s approach to doling out levels while keeping the game free. If you’re a fan of Match-3 games or casual puzzlers, you’ll definitely want to check out Riot Rings. You can check out Riot Rings for free in the Android Market.

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