Bad Juju’s The Mooniacs now available in the Android Market

Bad Juju’s The Mooniacs now available in the Android Market


The Mooniacs is a cool little Android game I covered ages ago when it first came onto Android and was available exclusively for the Amazon App Store. Apparently the exclusivity is over now as Bad Juju’s The Mooniacs is now available in the Android market.

This funky physics flinging game has you trying to help a little race of aliens called the Mooniacs get back home. The graphics are what initially grabbed my attention as the characters look pretty darned strange, but once I got a few levels in I was hooked by the quirky world of the Mooniacs. The game has some depth as gamers get 100 levels spanning 3 diverse worlds – Briars and Brambles, The Fungi Forest, and The Deserted Island. There are three playable characters along with three alternate endings and a slew of achievements. There were 10 new levels added from the previous Amazon release, so if you played that one last year you may want to give the new version a look to check out the new levels.

The Mooniacs is a great looking physics game that fans of physics flingers should enjoy. I had honestly forgotten about the game, but I’m glad I noticed it on Appbrain and that everyone has a chance to play it now. Bad Juju definitely made a slick looking game, and it’s also a free “Ad-free” game which is a nice change of pace as the ads are getting a little ridiculous lately. If you’d like to fling around a few cute aliens head on over to the Android market and pick up The Mooniacs for free.

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