Gamevil releases Cartoon Wars for Android

Gamevil releases Cartoon Wars for Android



Gamevil has put out some killer games over the past year and Cartoon Wars: Gunner + has been one of my favorites. If you enjoyed Gunner as much as I did you’ll be pleased to know that they just dropped another game simply called Cartoon Wars.

Cartoon Wars gives puts you on the field with two towers; one you’ll need to defend while you attempt to destroy the other one. There are several different types of enemies with various attacks, and you’ll get some pretty cool weapons to take them on with. As usual in a game like this, there are plenty of upgrades which you’ll need if you want to survive the onslaught. You’ve got a set amount of time to clear the stages, but I’m not sure how many stages there are yet. There’s also an in-app store where you can purchase gold for the game or rubies for upgrades if you don’t want to earn them. There are a few other options here and there, but I haven’t delved that deep into the features yet.


Where Cartoon Wars: Gunner was an action/rpg style game Cartoon Wars is a nice blend of strategy and defense. Sending the little stick soldiers off to battle is a blast and the battles seem to be pretty intense so far. As a fan of the last Cartoon Wars game, I plan on giving this one a full write-up so keep your eyes peeled for a review. Gamevil looks to have another hit on their hands with Cartoon Wars, and you get it for free in the Android market.

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