A Review of Paper Zombie for Android

A Review of Paper Zombie for Android


Zombies all have one thing in common and that’s the fact that they want your brains. Slow walking zombies, fast moving zombies… they all just want to eat ya’. Paper Zombies are no different as you’ll soon find out with a new Android game called Paper Zombie from Wildbit Studios.

You can take down the zombies by slashing, shooting, and basically blowing them to bits. You start out with a paper cutter and as the zombies get close you can slice them to bits ala Fruit Ninja. A few levels later you’ll get a shotgun (which is great) and you’ll tap to destroy, but can still slice when they get close. You’re last mode of attack is going to be the good old thrown object, and Paper Zombie gives you some cool ones to choose from. The Zombies come at you slowly at first, but it doesn’t take long before they’re popping up in your face and trying to eat you. Throw in the fact that you have to save little old ladies and you’ve got a game that can get a little difficult. Oh yeah, there are bosses as well… can’t forget those guys.

Now for my favorite part of a Zombie shooter, the weapons. Paper Zombie gives you 11 cutting weapons, 9 shooters, and 7 launchable objects. Some of the weapons are blacked out until you unlock them, but out of the ones I’ve seen so far there are some interesting choices with YoYo’s, box cutters, laser cannons, shotguns and scissors. All these items are bought with Zcash which is earned from killing zombies, completing offers or can be bought via the in-app purchasing system. There are also plenty of levels with 5 different settings in the Paper Zombie town; each level has 12 different stages for a total of 60 in all. If you like achievements Paper Zombie has those as well with Openfeints popular scoring and achievement system.

There have been some complaints about Paper Zombie being laggy or glitchy, and while I experienced those myself they seemed to have cleared up on my end. There was an update to version 1.2 several days ago, and that may have cleared things up; either way its running great on the ol’ Captivate now. Graphically, the game is solid and it’s nice to slice up the undead into pieces with a boxcutter or leave holes in them when they’re blasted with the shotgun. The rest of the game is solid as well with 60 levels, plenty of weapons and lots of Zombies to take out. If you’re a Zombie fan or just enjoy a little carnage you can pick up Paper Zombie in the Android market for free.

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