Teppen Games releases the Puzzling Platformer Planets of the Shapes

Teppen Games releases the Puzzling Platformer Planets of the Shapes


Shapes are a popular element used in a wide variety of games. From block busters to connect dots, it’s pretty safe to say shapes are very useful. Just when I thought I had seen about every way possible to use a shape in a game I stumbled across Planet of the Shapes from Teppen Games which takes shapes to a whole new level.

Your goal in Planets of the Shapes is to get the proper shapes into the right slight; square to square, etc..etc.. The only problem is the shapes have legs and you’ll have to move them to their slot on a circular full of platforms and obstacles. You’ll have to alternate between the quirky shape creatures if you want to get through the levels, and how successful you are depends on your problem solving abilities. Planets of the Shapes isn’t a game full of deathtraps, but it is a game that requires you to use your noggin’.

We’re always on the lookout for original games, and Planets of the Shapes is certainly one of the more unique titles we’ve seen. It’s one of those games you’ve just got to play to really “get” and once you do play it there’s a good chance you’re going to have a hard time putting it down. There’s a free version of the game that lets you try out the first 8 levels or so and if you like what you see you can snag the full version for $1.99. Both versions of Teppen Games Planets of the Shapes are available to download on Google Play.

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