Solverlabs releases Glass Fort for Android

Solverlabs releases Glass Fort for Android


Forts are known for being tough, and are generally made of wood. Glass Fort from Solverlabs ignores both of those facts and goes for something a little more fragile and fun in its newest Android game.

Glass Fort is a 3D puzzle game in the vein of Jenga where you’ll want to remove blocks from a tower of sorts. The towers in Jenga where pretty simple, but the towers in Glass Fort are not as each level has a carefully laid out castle or structure that you’ll have to take down. Glass Fort also utilizes colors in its gameplay as you’ll only want to remove the blue blocks, and leave the red ones in place. If you shatter a red block or it falls from the platform you’ll lose a life, and if you see a green block you can tap it to see its true color. By the numbers Glass Fort has over 100 levels spanning three different level packs that cover crystal towers as well as some famous ones from around the world.

Glass Fort is part puzzle game, part balancing act, and a whole lotta’ fun. The 3D layout works well with the game, the physics are spot-on, and I really liked the addition of putting in real towers with the crystal ones along with the Towers quiz. Needless to say if you’re looking for a cool new puzzler you’ve just found it in Glass Fort and you can download it for free on Google Play.

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