Square Enix drops Final Fantasy 3 onto Google Play

Square Enix drops Final Fantasy 3 onto Google Play


Growing up I was a big Final Fantasy fan, and it was one of the first console games I ever played on the NES. If you’re a fan of the series today is a good day as Square Enix has released Final Fantasy III for Android.If you played the original you’ll know exactly what to expect, but if you’re a newcomer you are in for a real treat. Final Fantasy III was the first game of the series to sell a million copies and for good reason… it’s awesome. It got a remake several years ago, and now we can play it on our Android Devices. The Android version has the updated graphics of the remake and is said to be optimized and improved in certain areas for Android.


This is one of the shortest write ups I’ve ever done, and when you’re dealing with a true classic like Final Fantasy III sometimes less is more. If you’ve already played it you know what kind of game you’re getting, and if you’re new to the saga chances are this one sink it’s hooks deep. Final Fantasy Tactics is still my favorite FF game (hopefully we’ll see it), but this one is a very close second. As great as the game is, the price is high as you’re going to have to shell out a whopping $15.99 to pick this bad boy up. I do wish it was a bit cheaper, but you’re getting a great game with plenty of depth so there’s a lot of bang for your buck. If you’re ready to kill a week or two you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Square Enix’s Final Fantasy III for $15.99.

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