Chilibite releases The Morbis for Android

Chilibite releases The Morbis for Android


Last week they took us to the Circus, and this week Chilibite is back with another Android game and a new set of little creatures called The Mordis.

The Mordis are in trouble. These cute little creatures are beloved by all, especially the evil Mr. Sugar who kidnapped them with thoughts of sweet cotton candy on his mind. The Mordis managed to escape his lair and now you’ll need to help them save their friends from the diabolical Mr. Sugar. The premise sounded promising, but I was surprised to find out that The Mordis is basically a bridge building game of sorts. Your goal in each level is to get across the chasm from point A to point B in as little time as possible. You’re given all sorts of building materials to help you out including girders, wooden planks, and beams. Laying them out is easy, and everything is rotatable so you can get in some hard to reach spaces. The Mordis offers up 28 levels set across 4 different worlds and there are 4 different Mordis characters to play as along with several effects like explosions and snow storms.


The Mordis is a well done puzzler that I think a lot of folks will enjoy, but it’s a little simple for me personally as I’ve played hundreds of “bridge building” games over the past year. The graphics and setting do make this one different from the rest though so if you like “cute” this is the game for you. If you want to check out Chilibite’s The Mordis you can pick it up for free on Google Play.

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