Save some Kitties in Cat War for Android

Save some Kitties in Cat War for Android


Cats and Dogs have always been at odds and a new Android game called Cat war from West River Sotware takes it to a whole new level. The cats are out for revenge after years of suffering at the hands of the dogs, and your job is to set them free and end the cat’s oppression once and for all.

Cat War takes place in a world dominated by dogs and you’ll have to get the kittens back with some help from Catphinx the ancient cat deity. Cat War is a castle defense game of sorts as you have a little town to defend against an onslaught of dogs, but you’re also going to have to go on the offensive to rescue the kittens. As the game progresses it quickly becomes a balancing act between attacking and defending; you’ll also get to build additional structures that allow you to buy better units which is generally not the norm for this type of game. Cat War has around 100 stages for gamers to enjoy, and there’s also a store full of Hero’s and skills that you can buy with money earned during the game.


I’m a dog guy and while I would have rather seen a game that lets dogs take on cats, Cat War is still some good mindless fun. The graphics are solid; everything in the game looks great and the production values are top-notch throughout. There are plenty of levels, upgrades, units, and buildings as well so Cat War is a game you should be able to play for awhile. It’s also a free game which is never a bad thing. If you’re ready to rescue some kitties head on over to Google Play and pick up West River Software’s Cat War for Android.

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