Rockstar Games finally unleashes Max Payne Mobile for Android

Rockstar Games finally unleashes Max Payne Mobile for Android


The day you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived as last night Rockstar Games finally unleashed Max Payne Mobile for Android. Fans of the original or newcomers to the game are in for a treat as Max is back and the game looks great on high-end devices.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the Max Payne series of video games or have only heard of Max Payne because of the awful movie that came out a few years back here’s a brief rundown. Max Payne drops you into a dark and mysterious world where you’ll play a detective that’s become a fugitive as he’s been framed for murder. You’re being hunted by the mob and your fellow brothers in blue as you try and solve the mystery and clear your name. Max Payne mobile is a cinematic action adventure game with deep gameplay and a little something called “bullet-time” which is very cool if you haven’t seen it in action already.


I was extremely excited to play this on my quad-core Asus 300T, but unfortunately I’ve had some issues early on with black screens after the cinematics. I did get it going after a few tries and it runs like a scalded dog now; whatever issue I’m having I’m sure Rockstar will have the kinks worked out shortly. As with most games of this nature, you’re going to have to download quite a bit of data to get started and it comes in at well over a gig. That being said, I was able to snag it in around 12 minutes from home on my Wi-Fi so it’s not that bad if you’ve got a good connection. If you’re ready to give it a run (you know you are) you can pick up Rockstar Games Max Payne Mobile for $2.99 on Google Play.

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