Build your own Band in A Story of a Band from Hot Byte Games

Build your own Band in A Story of a Band from Hot Byte Games



Simulation or Management Android Games are always good fun, and an interesting new one just popped up in the form of A Story of a Band from Hot Byte Games.

A Story of a Band lets you manage your own Rock n’ Roll Band with the goal of making them the most popular band in the world. You’ll get to do all sorts of fun things like plan & perform concerts, make albums, perform publicity stunts, and take on interviews. Everyone knows a Band has to have members and there are around 20 different band mates to choose from each with their own unique abilities. A Story of a Band also gives you 60 different skills, 40 items, and 14 different musical genres to take on so it’s definitely got some depth. If that’s not enough for you all your band mates can be trained and leveled up along with the ability improve your bands proficiency in 10 different fields.


I love a good simulation game, and at first glance A Story of a Band seems to be a great one. I only gave the game a brief whirl this morning, but there seems to be plenty of depth and a lot of options to choose from which is never a bad thing in a game of this nature. I’ve got a feeling this is going to be a popular one and I plan on spending more time with the game over the weekend. If you’re ready to give it a run you can pick up the free version of A Story of a Band which lets you play for 2 years or you can get the full version for only $2.45.

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