Boolba Labs releases Shocking New Puzzler Voltage for Android

Boolba Labs releases Shocking New Puzzler Voltage for Android



Voltage is a new Puzzle game for Android that’s all making a connection. We’ll there’s a little more than that to it, imagine playing Tetris with circuits and you’ll have a good idea of what Voltage is all about. Boolba Labs did a great job with the puzzler, and you may be shocked (pun intended) at just how much fun it is.

As mentioned, Voltage is similar to Tetris in the fact that you’ll receive blocks with circuitry on them, and you’ll have to lay them down to try and complete a circuit. One side of the playing field is red while the other is blue; as soon as you connect them together you get points and clear out the circuits in that pattern. Your score is tallied on a kilowatt meter at the top of the screen along with your current level and a preview of the next circuit. You level up when you get enough XP/Points to fill a row of light bulbs which can take awhile depending on how go you are at stacking circuits. Voltage also has three modes of play with Block Limit, Time Limit, and Unlimited along with the popular Openfeint leaderboards to help keep track of your high-scores.


At first I thought Voltage was just a super-simple puzzle game, but I quickly learned how tricky it can get. Certain blocks can be turned while others can’t and while you get a few power-ups to make things easier it gets very tough at higher levels. The only knock I have on the game was for the ads; overall they weren’t bad at all, but one set “spins” and it got distracting when I was in timed mode. That being said, its not a deal-breaker by any means andVoltage is a fun little Puzzler that everyone should check out. You can grab Voltage in the Android market for free.

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