Battle the Zergs in Dreamstudio’s Age of War for Android

Battle the Zergs in Dreamstudio’s Age of War for Android


If you’ve dreamed of defending your homeland against evil aliens in a fun and engaging way then Age of War from Dreamstudio is just the game for you. Age of War lets you battle the alien zergs throughout history as you start in the Stone Age and evolve.

Age of War is a defensive and offensive game where you’re goal is to destroy the enemy’s base before they destroy yours. You star out in the Stone Age with Stone Age style weapons and will have to build units and send them into battle all while keeping your base intact. We’ve seen this in quite a few games, but Age of War cranks it up a notch. The game has a massive campaign mode with a whopping 240 levels, and if lengthy campaigns aren’t your thing you can play online against opponents as well. There are 24 different types of units and 4 different types of towers which “should” be more than enough to wipe your enemy off the face of the earth. I use the word “should” because Age of War is a tough little game, and you’re bound to get your ass kicked the first few go rounds.


This game reminds me a lot of one of the first Android Games I ever played, a little game called The Wars that Chillingo basically ruined with lack of updates, selling it off, etc…etc.. That poor game switched hands several times over the years (I even tried to buy it) and died a slow and lonely death. Well, Age of War is what The Wars should’ve been which is a rock solid, hardcore game that keeps you coming back for more. I’ve only had about a half hour to play this bad boy as I just stumbled across it this morning, but it’s been a blast and I’m hooked. If you want to battle the Alien Zerg (yes there is a resemblance) you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Age of War for free.

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