Adult Swim releases Major Mayhem for Android

Adult Swim releases Major Mayhem for Android


I’ve already talked about how MTV sucks at putting out Android Apps today, now I’m going to talk about someone who does it right… Adult Swim. If you dig quirky games you’re in for a treat as Adult Swim has just unleashed another fun game called Major Mayhem.

You are Major Mayhem and you’ve been sent by the president to stop some evildoers who also happen to have kidnapped your girlfriend. You’re sent out into the field with your trusty sidearm and you’ll run and hide behind cover as you take out the evil enemies and rescue hostages. You dispatch your foes by tapping on them, and can score combos and bonuses through head shots and the like. There are also some very cool power-ups and my inner-fanboy cried a little tear when a power-up basically turned me into Robocop complete with the hydraulic sounds he makes when he walks. Nice touch guys. At the end of each level you’re given a Mayhem score and possibly a promotion if you’ve scored enough points. All your Mayhem points can be spent in the Armory where you can buy new weapons, supplies, and clothes. The gear is just as sweet as the game itself as there are some crazy weapons and you can dress up as Rambo, Chuck Norris or put on a Mankini if that’s how you roll.


While I haven’t had a change to give the game a proper play yet, I can tell you its very good and will be very, very popular. The graphics are outstanding and totally unexpected as is the gameplay, costumes, etc… As a whole the game is very surprising and I’ve already picked up on several cool features (you can shoot the ninjas hats off) so I’m anxious to see what else pops up later in the game. Unless something crazy drops over the weekend, Major Mayhem is a lock for the top spot on our weekly Top 10 and I highly recommend it for anyone who likes fun. You can pick up Adult Swim’s Major Mayhem for free on Google Play.

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