A Review of Zombie Wonderland 2 for Android

A Review of Zombie Wonderland 2 for Android



Like Zombie Shooters? How about Time-management games? If the answer is yes to one or both of those questions I’ve got just the thing for you with a great little from Xoobis called Zombie Wonderland 2. The game is a strange cross of a time-management game and a zombie shooter as you’ll not only blast zombies from many windows, but you’ll also have to quickly clean up the mess when you’re done.


First and foremost, Zombie Wonderland 2 is a shooter. Taking out the undead is done by simply tapping on them, and you’re going to wear your finger out as they come at you in droves. The game has a great storyline to follow which will set you up in different rooms spanning the ages so you’re going to meet some wacky characters along the way. As you will be fighting in different rooms, you’ll need to be wary of the windows as the Zombies are going to come crawling through them just like they do in every Zombie movie. No worries though, you’ll be able to board up the windows which will slow them down, but it’s not going to stop them.

Some zombies ignore the boards all together and will burst through them on the first try, you’ll want to take those guys out with a special bullet or trap before they let the rest of their undead kinfolk in. If that wasn’t enough, when time is up and the waves are all over you’re going to have to deal with the time management part of the game as you get to clean up zombie guts. Every time a Zombie gets into the room and dies they leave behind a mess and you can try to clean up some mid-battle or try to get it done in a very short amount of time afterwards. Your score is calculated based on how many Zombies you kill, your health, and objective bonus but you’ll lose points for every pile of guts you leave lying around.


Every good shooter has to have great weapons and Zombieland 2 certainly has several of those. As you play through the levels you’ll earn coins that can be used to buy new gear between levels. The shop sells better ammo, special bullets, traps, window guns, brooms, and of course more coins. There are around 28 items you can buy and you’ll be able to earn more than enough coins through playing to buy everything, but you can purchase extra coins if you want to get ahead or get stuck. My personal favorites were the Baby Death Worm, Medusa Bullets, and the Zombauto Plus which isn’t a weapon per say, but an automatic gut sucker that makes cleaning much easier.

Weapons are great, but ya’ have to have some cool levels and enemies to use them on. Zombie Wonderland has this area covered well with 31 missions, 12 areas, and 25 different types of Zombies. The locations will vary from a simple diner with a Jukebox you’ll have to protect to Dracula’s medieval castle. The zombies vary pretty wildly as well; you’ll get touch zombies, fire zombies, zombie bulls, and screaming zombies. It’s pretty safe to say that Zombie Wonderland 2 has more Zombies than you can shake a stick at, not that a stick would do you much good against Witchie or a Zombie Knight.


I really have nothing bad to say about Zombie Wonderland 2 at all; the graphics, sounds, and voice-overs are all top-notch and the game as a whole is pretty damned awesome. I do wish that you could set up more than one turret at a time, but maybe they can put that in the next one. It’s a free game, but it is ad-supported which means you’re going to see some small ads during the menus and big ones between levels on occasion. There are none during gameplay though so no worries there. Zombie Wonderland 2 is a game everyone should check out and you can pick it up for free in the Android market.

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