A Review of Tappily Ever After for Android

A Review of Tappily Ever After for Android



Tappily Ever After is a new Android game from Pocket Gems that lets you build an animal park full of exotic species and as the fairytale name implies, you also get you rescue a princess. It’s a Zoo game with a storyline, villains, and scores of animals to tame and breed.


When you first fire up the game you’ll go through a brief walkthrough that shows you the basics through series of tasks. You basically buy animals, breed them and decorate your castle grounds to suit your liking. When you reach a certain level you’re given the ability to cross breed animals; I just bred a Leafy Sea Dragon on my first try so I’m sure there are some wacky animals to breed further into the game. Tappily Ever After is also a time based game meaning that you’ll collect coins & Xp from every animal you place and breed; each animal pays out at after a certain amount of time, you just have to go back to collect. You can also tame the villain’s creatures and make them your own but I haven’t gotten that far along with things yet.


As Tappliy Ever After is a building game at heart there are plenty of things to build and animals to place. You’ll buy your stuff from the animals or store section; the animals section gives you everything from a basilisk to an arctic wolf while the store section lets you buy trees, décor, walls, rivers, sidewalks, buildings, extra land and staff. At rough count there are around 60 things to snag from the store and I’ve unlocked 20+ animals at only level 5. Everything in the game will cost you silver or crowns; silver is earned through your animals and by completing tasks while crowns can only be bought via an in-app purchase or through completing offers.


Tappily Ever After is a great little Zoo game with plenty of items and animals to unlock. It is a free game, but a lot of the content can only be gotten through crowns which have to be purchased. Even without buying crowns there’s still a lot to do, but if you want all the animals or at least some of the cooler ones you’re going to have to pay for them or download some apps. Either way it’s a solid Zoo game with crisp graphics and plenty of depth, and it’s a game that most casual gamers should enjoy. You can pick up Pocket Gem’s Tappily Ever After for free in the Android market.

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