Trick Out with Noodlecake Studios Pumped: BMX for Android

Trick Out with Noodlecake Studios Pumped: BMX for Android


We saw a lot of great Android games released over the past few weeks, and one that flew under our radar was Pumped: BMX from Noodlecake Studios. It’s a BMX game designed by a BMX rider and to say its addictive would be a huge understatement…

Pumped: BMX is a BMX game that’s all about hitting the ramps and pulling off tricks. You’ll get go for barpspins, toboggans, turndowns, 360’s, and supermans just to name a few. The controls are simple to use with only a few on-screen buttons and a trick-stick; there’s a few great tutorial levels that will help you get the swing of things as well. Once you get into the meat of the game you’ll run courses and earn stars for completing levels, and there are a lot of slick levels. Pumped: BMX offers up over 100 challenges set across several different courses to go along with lots of cool tricks and sweet combos.

Pumped: BMX is a game that’s tricky to master, but well worth your time as it’s really a blast once you get the hang of things. I also liked the whole look of the game; the graphics are simple, but effective and the game as a whole has a nice polished feel. There’s a free version of the game you can check out, and the full version will of Pumped: BMX will only set you back $0.99.

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