The Solar System Simulation Game Solar Forge gets an Update

The Solar System Simulation Game Solar Forge gets an Update


As the first month of 2013 comes to a close I thought it was about time to check back in on one of my personal favorites… Solar Forge. We briefly covered this one when it was released a few weeks back and now we’re going to take a look at some new features that have been added since the game was released.

In case you’re new to the world of Solar Forge here’s the skinny. It’s a solar system sandbox game (try saying that three times fast) set in outer space where you get to setup and control your very own Solar System. You can play with gravity, build planets, and even extract minerals or destroy things. Sounds cool doesn’t it? Well it is, and it’s seen some great new additions in its first month of existence.

The developer has added various bug fixes and tightened up the gameplay along with fixing the font and the tutorial. The planets are much easier to select now, and we’ve also gotten some new stuff to play with! There are now 5 planet types including Liquid, Gas, Molten, Ice, and Terrestrial. If that’s not enough, atmosphere and comets have been added; the latter adds a “special” to the game whenever it appears.

Solar Forge is still the first game of its kind (thankfully) and it’s just the kind of Indie we like to see. The developer has been very involved with things since the game launched, and take my word for it… he’s far from done with the game. We’ll keep you updated of any cool new features as they arise. If you’re feeling creative on a grand scale you can check out MostWanted Game Development’s Solar Forge for free on Google Play.

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