Spin the Slots with Cash Island Beta for Android

Spin the Slots with Cash Island Beta for Android



What’s better than playing the slots from your Android device? How about playing the slots and actually winning something. Prepare to be excited because you can do just that with a new Android Game from Hatch Labs called Cash Island.

The concept behind Cash Island is a simple one as you basically complete offers to earn coins that are used in the slot machine. You get a spin for every coin you have and will win prize points based on the outcome of the spin. You can exchange those prize points for Visa prepaid gift cards when you get enough saved up. It’s 1,000 for 10 bucks, 2,500 will get you $25.00, and 5,000 points will net you $50 bones. The highest point jackpot you can hit is 500, but there are several mixed combinations that can get you some points.

Initially you start out with 25 coins, but you can get more by completing offers; I received 50 for just filling out my profile and interests, and you can get another for using Facebook and Twitter. There are even more offers from Tapjoy that let you earn extra coins; they have pretty low payouts, but you can continually earn free coins so you can’t beat that. As for options, you can turn the sound and notifications off or browse the about us section for more information on the game and a list of winning combinations.


Cash Island is a nice looking slots game that has a great concept that should keep people coming back for more. You can’t buy coins so you don’t have to worry about things getting out of hand, but there are enough free offers available to let you play on a daily basis. If you’re curious about the legal aspects, payouts, or what they do with your personal info I’d suggest you check their site and look at Faq & TOS agreement. The game is also still in Beta, everything worked well for me with the exception of the leaderboards which might not be active yet. Even with the Beta tag you can still win prizes and while you won’t win enough to quit your day job, you will get a chance to win some prepaid visa gift cards. If you want to give Cash Island a whirl, you can pick it up in the Android market for free.

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