Solve the Mystery behind The Magician’s Handbook by G5 Entertainment

Solve the Mystery behind The Magician’s Handbook by G5 Entertainment



Fans of Hidden Object games are in for a treat this week as the folks at G5 Entertainment have just released a new Android game called The Magician’s Handbook.G5 has already had success with hits like Mystery of the Crystal Portal and Special Inquiry Detail, so it’s pretty safe to say The Magician’s Handbook looks to be a solid entry into the genre Hidden Object games.

You have received the fabled “Magician’s Handbook” and are beckoned to a mysterious, nameless place to search hand-painted backgrounds for hidden enchanted objects. You’ll used incantations and other tricks to reveal pages of the sacred book as you make your way through 13 gorgeous, but puzzling levels. The levels do look good and have been fairly challenging so far which is a good thing as nobody wants a hidden object game that’s too easy. There are 2 gameplay modes with casual & apprentice and 12 challenging mini-games that are sure to keep you busy for awhile as you work your way through the mysteries of The Magicians Handbook.


G5 Entertainment has put out some top-notch games over the past year and The Magician’s Handbook is another nice addition to their catalog. In my brief time spent with the game it seems to be a good Hidden Object game that fans or newcomers to the genre will definitely dig. If you’d like to try and unlock the mysteries of the Magician’s Handbook you can check it out for free in the Android Market.

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