Shoot the Apple – Android Game Review

Shoot the Apple – Android Game Review


There are a lot of physics-based cannon games in the market, and while I try to check them all out occasionally a few sneak by me. This was the case with Droidhens game Shoot the Apple, a quirky little game that lets you shoot aliens at apples.


Firing your cannon is as simple as tapping the screen, and where you tap will determine the power and angle of your shot. When you fire your cannon a little ragdoll alien will come tumbling out and (hopefully) go flying towards your intended target… the smiling apple. I’m not sure what the apple is smirking about or why he makes kissing sounds, but it’s just more incentive for me to knock that look off his creepy little face. Shoot the Apple will start out fairly simple, but the difficulty sets in a bit when you start ricocheting shots and have to fire in-between moving objects. I’ve plowed through around 40 levels and have already been hindered by wooden blocks, spinning objects, moving platforms and elastic.


If you like levels you’ll be pleased as Shoot the Apple has a lot of those. The first and second episodes have 25 a piece and there are a total of 10 episodes in all. Each episode can be unlocked with the coins that you’ve earned through gameplay or purchased from their store. I would definitely recommend earning them as the in-app purchasing prices are pretty steep. The game runs on the 3-star setup, and I believe I got around 30 coins per level when I earned 2 or 3 stars. No real extras to speak of unless you count the ads; they don’t hinder the gameplay at all, but you can pay to have them removed.


Shoot the Apple is a nice little physics game with plenty of levels and quite a few surprises. The gameplay may be similar to other games, but the graphics and challenges set Shoot the Apple apart. The only bad mark I can give the game is for the price gouging on the coins; 30 bucks is a little steep for 2,700 coins guys. Either way, Shoot the Apple is a solid physics shooter with slick graphics that I think most people will enjoy, and you can pick it up in the Android market for free.

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