Quirky Tower Defense with Bloons TD 4 for Android

Quirky Tower Defense with Bloons TD 4 for Android


Bloons TD 4 is a new Tower Defense game from Digital Goldfish that’s unlike any TD game I’ve played thus far. What makes this one different? How about Monkeys & Balloons for starters. Bloons TD 4 uses “evil” balloons as the enemy, and you’ll battle those floating menaces with monkeys, bananarangs, and artillery strikes along with many other wacky weapons.

As with most Tower Defense games your enemies (the balloons) will follow set path and your job is to setup towers along the way to stop them from reaching the exit. You might not think that balloons would be a tough opponent, but you’d be wrong as some balloons are pretty damned tough. They don’t fire back at you, but they are relentless and their toughness varies by color. That’s not a problem though, as you’re given some awesome little weapons to pop the balloons. You get boomerang throwing monkeys, cannons, monkeys that shoot glue, pineapple bombs, and tack shooters.

There are around 16 towers in all and while I’ve only unlocked 10 I can’t wait to see what the others are. All the “towers” are upgradable and the upgrades are just as cool as the towers themselves as you’ll quickly find out. Every battle must have a playing field and Bloons TD 4 gives gamers 15 in all; you start out with only 3 but can unlock additional ones by earning medals.

While I would hesitate from calling myself a Tower Defense expert, I will say that I’ve played most of the TD games out there in the market. That being said, Bloons TD 4 is definitely different from the rest of the pack, and it’s those differences that make the game great. It’s one of the funnest Tower Defense games I’ve played in awhile, and it’s graphics and choice of weaponry make it family friendly as well. Fans of TD or Strategy games will definitely dig Bloons TD 4, and you can pick it up for $2.99 in the Android market.

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