Quick Review – Greebly for Android

Quick Review – Greebly for Android


Greebly is a puzzling new platformer from Macai Software that lets gamers create the levels as they go. You play a little robot named Greebly who’s running out of juice, and your job is to get him to the power socket before his batteries run dry.

The premise and gameplay behind Greebly is simple; you need to get to the socket at the end of each level, and you’ll do that by building your paths. You can add or extend your paths by touch/dragging to create new segments or link existing paths. You can view the entire level by with the good old pinch/zoom function, and remove most paths you’ve set by simply tapping them. When each level starts up, so does Greebly and as soon as he starts rolling you’ll need to start planning your path to the electrical socket. You’re basically going to try and get there as quickly as possible and by using the minimum amount of pieces. There are three episodes with eight levels a piece bringing the total level count up to 24 in all. There aren’t any extras or achievements to speak of, but there are some power-ups included to help you out along the way.

When I stumbled across the game in the market I decided to give it a try based on the fact that Greebly reminds me of Wall-E, who reminds me of Johnny-Five from the 80s classic Short Circuit. After playing the game for a bit I came to the conclusion that while I like the concept of Greebly (and I love robots) the game is lacking in a few areas. The idea behind the game is cool, but I think they game would benefit from a little more polish and it definitely needs more levels for the price. Overall, Greebly is a fun game that’s worth a look, but could use a few tweaks. You can check out Greebly in the market for $1.99.

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