Lord of Darkness – Android Game Review

Lord of Darkness – Android Game Review


There are a lot of good Android games out there in the wild west they call the Android market, but some of them are location specific and aren’t available to all markets. That’s the case with a cool Korean hack n’ slash game called Lord of Darkness from BiCORE. It’s got an awesome name, and it’s an awesome game…


When you first fire up the game you’re presented with an ominous looking menu that has your gameplay options, the shop, and shows what level of the tower you’re currently on. There are 100 levels in the Tower of Death; you’ll have to start at the bottom and work your way up which is quite the task. Controlling your little hero is simple and you’re given a virtual joystick along with attack, magic, roll, and switch weapons buttons to get the job done. As soon as the level starts you’ll start hacking and slashing your way through the wave of 40 enemies; when you’re done you’ll get a lift to the next level and have the option to buy some new gear from the shop. Lord of Darkness’s gameplay is very straightforward, and it’s really hack and slash at its finest.


As mentioned, the tower has 100 levels so depth of play is definitely there and it gets a little deeper once you get into the gear. The shop has quite a few options between the weapons, armor, and helms all of which are upgradable as you level up. There are some pretty cool weapons as well, the bombs and power gloves have been two of my early favorites thus far. The gear is purchased with gold or Cubic’s earned through battle; all the prices are reasonable and I’ve not had much trouble getting good gear as I go along which is nice. Lord of Darkness also has another mode of play dubbed Arena mode that drops you into an Arena and lets you take on 25 waves of enemies to see how long you’ll last.


The graphics are what first drew me to the game, and having a game called Lord of Darkness didn’t hurt either. After playing it for awhile it turned out to be one of the deeper hack and slash games I’ve played, and there’s a lot more to the game than we’ve covered in this brief review. The market description is in Korean, but the game itself is not so no worries there if you’re scared off from the market description. Overall, Lord of Darkness is a damned fun game and one that Hack and Slash fans will definitely want to pick up. It is a location specific game which means you have to have access to the Korean android market to get it…. or you can just use market enabler if you’re rooted and live outside of Korea. You can check out BiCORE’s Lord of Darkness for free in the Android market.

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