Jump Games releases Electric City A New Dawn for Android

Jump Games releases Electric City A New Dawn for Android


Last year Jump Games dropped Electric City The Revolt as a tie-in to Tom Hanks’ animated series Electric City. Electric City A New Dawn is the 2nd Android game that’s tied into the show, and this time around you’ll get to build your own little city from the ground up.

Electric City A New Dawn puts your city building skills to the test as your job is to develop, power, and sustain your town. You’ll do all the usual tasks that go into a city builder like erecting houses and shops, but A New Dawn tends to lean towards management as much as it does building. You’ll need to keep the population under control and keep power to all your buildings as well as manage and monitor all activities within your town. There looks to be quite a bit to build between all the shops, houses, and different kinds of power plants; it is a time-based builder though so be prepared do a lot of waiting.

I’ve actually seen a few episodes of Tom Hanks’ Electric City and it’s pretty good. Electric City A New Dawn could use a little work though as the setup feels clunky and isn’t the easiest to navigate on a phone. The first game was better, but this one’s still worth a look if you’re into building games or enjoy the series. You can pick up Tom Hanks Electric City A New Dawn for free on Google Play.

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